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Global Skill Development Foundation(GSDF), Registered Indian Trust Act 1882 Govt. of India's and under and the Registration Number is 3269/67 Dated 23/02/2015. GSDF is structured around 'center of excellence' our practice areas operate as a coordinated whole: separate, yet capable of providing integrated services for our student's benefit. This structure enables us to quickly mobilize the right resources to implement the strategies we develop - whenever and wherever students need. GSDF is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

The organization has developed enough manpower & infrastructure for implementing various social welfare programmes for community development. The Organisation is capable of catering training and exposure programs on specific themes, with minimum amenities and contributing to healthy environment for the participants. The office has basic infrastructure for training, including Books, Almirah & other Training Equipment. It also has a small library and other facilities for documentation and information dissemination. The added advantage is that the trainees can have direct field experience through exposures to micro-finance activities and sustainable natural resource management activities in the project areas of GSDF in Muzaffarpur(BIHAR) region. GSDF has established good rapport with institutions and individuals within and outside the state to make resource pool and organize capacity building programs, studies and program monitoring on demand.

The GSDF pursues the world's most important value - equality - and works to end the injustice being done in the name of castes. By so doing, the Organisation works for the whole of humankind.

GSDF is a grant-making institution in Muzaffarpur working for the upliftment of poor and needy people. The Organisations supports individuals, community-based organisations, and networks that work to secure social change and protect the rights of people. GSDF provides small grants and fellowships towards erasing the demarcation that has been caused in the society as a result of caste base policies of the government and nurturing future leaders for the movement. The aim is to build the capacity of our partners in order to execute effective grassroots level interventions. We are also committed towards building a strong line of leadership for the Movement. Hence, through two of our programmes, viz the Young Professionals Programme and the Professionals Programme, we engage with the youth and the professionals from diverse fields.

our mission

By guiding the poor and backward youth of our society properly, helping them in making them self-reliant in today's society by making them all-round development.

our Vision

To meet the needs of the professionals created by Make in India by creating professionals through its course structure and training module as per the demands of the present times.

Our Values

Facilitating enabling environment for risk reduction and poor women livelihood promotion and for that any Private-Public -Partnership with various like-minded institutions/ organizations under specific themes.

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